Nonprofit Registry for Public Lands Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This application is made to the Ontario Nonprofit Network in its capacity to compile a registry of not-for-profit organizations that meet established eligibility criteria in order for such organizations to gain priority access to the list of real estate on the Realty Disposal Publication website managed by the Government of Ontario’s realty agent, Infrastructure Ontario.

Charities and not-for-profit organizations (i.e. corporations without share capital) incorporated in Canada, federally or provincially, that do not demonstrate a reasonable potential capacity to purchase land or buildings, and an honest interest in doing so, will not be eligible for this list.
This is not an application to the Government of Ontario and the Government of Ontario, including the Ministry of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Ontario shall in no way be responsible for any outcomes or actions resulting from this application, either regarding ONN or the applicant organization.
This is an application to the Ontario Nonprofit Network’s registry, which shall give charities and not-for-profit organizations, if approved, early access to the list of properties on the Realty Disposal Publication website to express interest to purchase at market value prior to the properties being placed on the open market. It is not an offer to purchase land. ONN cannot and does not guarantee that:

  • Applicants will be able to purchase land;
  • Land will be available for purchase;
  • Land will be listed at any particular price or rate; or
  • An organization’s offer to buy land will be accepted by Infrastructure Ontario on behalf of the Government of Ontario.

Provincial ministries have first right of re-use of lands declared surplus by other ministries.  Those properties not re-used are made available simultaneously to the federal government and the local municipality(s) where the property is located, and now eligible registered not-for-profit organizations to express interest.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Ontario will determine, at their sole discretion, the process to be followed in the event that two or more entities express interest in the same property.
The Ontario Nonprofit Network will put forth best effort to process applications in a timely manner; however it does not guarantee processing time.

In the case that via this registry an applicant expresses an interest in surplus real estate directly to
Infrastructure Ontario, the agreement for sale will be between the bidder and Infrastructure Ontario on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Applicants will not be considered as registered until full approval is received in writing from the Ontario Nonprofit Network.

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