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Welcome to the Ontario Nonprofit Network

This is the network you helped to create. Our community of 58,000 nonprofits in Ontario focuses on policy, advocacy, and services. Together, we strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit sector as a key pillar of our society and economy.

There are many ways to get involved in the network. From social media to our podcast to our public events, ONN’s mission is to engage with and advocate for you and your cause.

Ways to connect with the ONN

Follow ONN

If you are new to the Ontario Nonprofit Network, make sure you are subscribed to our email newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Attend an Event

We’d love to see you at one of our events! We host regular webinars, regional meetings, and other events. Members enjoy free or discounted rates.

Our annual Nonprofit Driven Conference is the place to be for Ontario nonprofit organizations. Over two days, you have the opportunity to learn about policies impacting the sector, gain new skills and network.

Dive into ONN Resources

The Digging in with ONN podcast focuses on the issues that matter to the nonprofit sector in Ontario. Hosts and guests explore important issues, such as Decent Work, Anti-Black racism efforts within the sector, justice, and governance.

ONN’s Publications and Policy Priorities provide in-depth analysis and expertise on important issues affecting Ontario nonprofits.

For 24/7 access to nonprofit thought-leadership, resources, and reports, check out ONN Resource Centre.

Membership and Other Services

Our public policy research and advocacy work would not be possible without our members. ONN members enjoy a range of benefits, including free and unlimited postings on the Connect Nonprofit Jobs board and discounts on events and insurance. 

Every nonprofit organization in Ontario – members and non-members alike – can also take advantage of ONN’s purchasing program. Save on employee benefits, office supplies and other crucial, everyday needs.

ONN Connectors program

ONN Connectors are organizations, corporations and individuals that believe in building a strong and resilient nonprofit sector in Ontario. Their significant financial support helps to ensure there is an independent convener of voices to advocate on the issues that impact public benefit nonprofits and charities in Ontario.

Resource Spotlight

ONN is committed to acting as a facilitator and catalyst to help the network access resources for organizational capacity building. Learn more about the resources our financial partners offer nonprofits on our resources page.

We are grateful to Definity Foundation for being a Connector+.
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