Nonprofit Registry for Public Lands Eligibility

Criteria for Eligibility

Not-for-profit corporations that provide a public benefit will be considered for inclusion on the registry and must fulfill the following criteria:
a) Be a registered charity in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency; or
b) Be incorporated as a not-for-profit organization without share capital under federal or provincial not-for-profit, corporate or cooperative legislation;
AND all of the following:
c) Be a registered Member of the Ontario Nonprofit Network; and
d) Have a mandate/mission that is dedicated to providing a public benefit good or service to individuals and/or communities in the Province of Ontario; and
e) Provide the public benefit to a faction of the public/community beyond a narrowly defined or closed membership group, such as private clubs or industry associations; and
f) Be accepted by its community as a community asset and/or resource (evidence of government funding, financial donations or investment from local community and/or provision of community programming for a nominal fee); and
g) Have a constraint in its bylaws that prohibits distribution of assets to members on dissolution (provides for gifting residual assets to public benefit organization).
Eligible not-for-profit corporations will also need to be able to demonstrate financial and organizational capacity to submit an offer to purchase surplus real estate at market value.

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