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Episode 6: Disability Justice, Affinity Groups and Decent Work

In this episode, Ingrid Palmer breaks down the framework of disability justice and access centered practices within nonprofits, especially for BIPOC workers. She outlines the different ways nonprofit organizations within the sector can use affinity group models as a means to integrate intersectional solutions to advancing Decent Work.

Guest biography: Ingrid Palmer is the Director of Networks and Relationships at Toronto Neighbourhood Centres as well as the CEO and founder of Focus On Ability – a motivational campaign designed to inspire triumph over adversity. As a visually impaired storyteller, advocate and award-winning inspirational speaker, Ingrid Palmer enjoys spotlighting traditionally unheard narratives to build community and connection between diverse groups.

Resource: TNC Relationships, Belonging and Anti-Oppression Charter

Show Contributors

Yamikani Msosa
Kavita Dogra
Jackie Lamport

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