Pathways to decent work

Decent work pathways resources

Decent Work Resources

Why decent work?

Case for support Q&A doc

Pathway three: Decent recruitment and hiring

Check out this resource from Egale Canada that highlights pronoun usage – Pronoun Usage Guide – Egale

Equitable interview practices help uncover the best person for the job – CareerWise

Decent Onboarding Tool: Employer Playbook Strategies for Immigrant Inclusion in Canadian Workplaces: This resource was created by a coalition of im/migrant employment councils across Canada to provide employers with a comprehensive toolkit aimed at fostering inclusive strategies at the primary stages of the employment cycle, from recruitment to integration, as well as recognizing racial bias and prejudice that can arise throughout that cycle

Decent Hiring Tool: Hiring Across All Spectrums: A Report on Broadening Opportunities for LGBTQ2+ Jobseekers. Pride at Work Canada is an Ontario based not-for-profit confronting LGBTQ2+ inclusion in Canadian workplaces. Through dialogue, education and leadership, we empower organizations to foster a workplace culture that recognizes LGBTQ2+ employees as an important part of a diverse workforce.

Hiring Rubric Starter Kit (Template & Samples)

Pathway four: Decent wages and contracts

Ontario Living Wage Network, 2022

FoodShare’s Pay Grid

Pathway six: Decent processes for resolving conflicts

Workers Action Centre

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