Minimize and manage your risks

Running a nonprofit is complex, but managing your risk through insurance doesn’t have to be. 

From a Board Director’s liability to fundraising events, nonprofit organizations and stakeholders are exposed to unique risks. Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is one solution to help minimize these risks. Nonprofit Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, also known as D & O Coverage, helps cover the cost of damages and settlements if a Board Director or Board Officer is subject to allegations of breach of duties or if they have statutory liabilities imposed by federal or provincial laws. 

Does your nonprofit need D & O Coverage? Most likely.

If you are a charitable or nonprofit entity, a nonprofit Director or Officer, or a member or volunteer of a charitable or nonprofit entity – you need D & O.

What happens if I don’t have D & O Coverage?

Roughly 10% of nonprofits have no insurance coverage because of the high cost to secure it. Many of these organizations will have limited resources to indemnify directors and officers or respond to potential litigation, settlements or damage awards. Without D & O coverage, nonprofits are putting the personal assets of directors and officers at risk, as well as the assets of the organization.

What does D&O Coverage include?

  • Any actual or alleged negligent act, error, omission, misstatement, misleading statement, neglect or breach of duty arising from the discharge of the duties and responsibilities of the directors, officers, members and volunteers and of the entity itself
  • Legal and defense costs
  • Damages
  • Settlements and judgments
  • Regulatory and criminal defense

Are there other types of insurance my nonprofit needs?

Every nonprofit is unique and so are the total products and solutions needed to managing risk. Depending on your organization’s structure and services offered, you may also want to consider property insurance, professional liability insurance, general liability insurance, and home and auto insurance. 

Finding time for insurance

ONN has done all of the homework, so you can focus on serving your mission. As part of ONN’s membership program,  they offer an exclusive insurance program designed specifically for registered not-for-profit corporations operating in Ontario. Through this program, you can be automatically approved, save up to 30% on insurance packages, and ask questions of experts from HUB International, ONN’s insurance partner, to get a custom-tailored insurance program to suit the needs of your nonprofit. 

Have questions about your nonprofit’s insurance needs? Sign up to learn more about the ONN Insurance Program and speak with a nonprofit insurance expert from Hub International.

October 15, 2019 at 1:21 pm
Steve Primiani
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